Friday, December 12, 2008

Web Tactics To Train Your Downline Organization

Whatever your network marketing opportunity is, it is time to share some ideas on how to make money using the 2.0 tactics. I am sure you realize that you have available to you a limitless prospects available to you through their access of the world wide web every single day, seeking ways they can earn additional income from a home based business.

I now live in Florida and can tell you that the "3 Foot Rule" applies. Once you have presented your opportunity to Aunt Susan or Uncle Harry for the third new and exciting opportunity you have found, they will in all probability avoid you like the plague. So now it is time to stop sharing with your downline to make that silly list of 100 people of your warm so called market.

Below are a few tips to show you how you can build your business the new and smart way. I have struggled applying the old way, so I understand some of your frustration.

TIP IDEA #1 -http://www.howtobuildon a This is the new way to do what is known as Magnetic Sponsoring or Attraction Marketing. No matter that you represent Arbonne or Carbon Copy Pro or any other company, you need to learn these new skills. This way your lis belongs to you, and should you decide to move on, you CAN take them with YOU.

TIP IDEA #2 - Today's opportunity seeker is looking for a leader, and organization that will provide great training on NEW techniques. I hate to share with you that your prospects are not looking for you OR your least not in the very beginning. Provide a service and they will FLOCK to you and want to join you.

TIP IDEA#3 - Present your leads with a system that allows them to train, with out YOU holding their hand. With the correct system in place, they are duplicating you with out you holding their hand through the process.

3a. - The MLM training system you offer must have quality, up to minute training videos on Web 2.0.
3b. - Your training system will offer a website that can be branded to each person individually...but not need them to know HTML.
3c. - To put your follow up on autopilot, your system needs to supply an initial autoresponder series, written by professional copywriters.

(MLM) Network Marketing has entered the new century so you need to get out of the 90s. If you are not networking the new Web 2.0 way, you will always be broke. If your opportunity does not allow you to use new techniques then you should RUN from them. They are keeping you broke and tired.

By using a MLM Lead Training System that is automated as described above, you can show your downline how to market 50-100 prospects a day - every day - 24/7. You just can't do that the old fashion way. "Welcome to the real world."

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The IRS is about to announce the Standard Mileage Rates for your automotive deductions for the year 2009. I am sure most of you are aware that there was an increase in the rate this past summer, effective July 1, due to the rising costs in our gasoline purchases.

So, in most cases there was one set of mileage rates in effect for the first part of this year, and a different rate for the latter half of this year.

Below is a listing of the rates in effect for January through June 2008, July through December 2008, and new rates for 2009.

BUSINESS: 2008 -- Jan-Jun: 50.5 cents per mile, 2008 -- Jul-Dec: 58.5 cents per mile, and for the year 2009 -- 55 cents per mile.

CHARITY: 2008 -- 14 cents per mile, 2009 -- 14 cents per mile.

MEDICAL: 2008 -- Jan-Jun: 19 cents per mile, 2008 -- Jul-Dec: 22 cents per mile, and for the year 2009 -- 24 cents per mile.

2008 -- Jan-Jun: 22 cents per mile, 2008 -- Jul-Dec: 27 cents per mile, and for the year 2009 -- 24 cents per mile.

As you have noticed, in each one of the categories, the IRS picked a mileage deduction rate for 2009 that was between the high-rate and the low-rate for the year 2008.

When they were asked for the rationale, the response was, "the new rates factor in the recent reversal of rising gasoline prices." That might be a logical conclusion for now, while gasoline prices are well under $2.00 per gallon, but is there anybody who can really be confident they will stay there?

Oh well, we still have the option of claiming a percentage of our actual operating costs, especially if we have a business or even better a Home-Based Business.

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